Our Achievements

Training and Storage Facility

The Focus Youth Project have recently opened a new training and storage facility at the youth project. Funding for this development came from Patterson’s Quarries and the Environmental Key fund.

Energy Scotland contributed the money for the Photo Voltaic solar panel system and Mears Scotland supplied apprentices and tradesman to carry out a great deal of the work.

The Area features an indoor climbing wall that will aid any group members from the Focus Youth Project to develop their climbing skills and further their climbing qualifications.

Celebration of Learning

The Focus Youth Project received an award from North Lanarkshire Community Learning & Development Partnership for capacity building at their Celebration of Learning in May 2010.

The Queens Jubilee

The Management Committee were awarded the Queens Jubilee Award in 2003 in recognition of their 10 year voluntary service to the community.

Investors In People

The Project was successful in renewing their Investors in People Status in April 2007.

Annual Presentation Evening

Every year the project hosts a presentation evening to recognise our members achievements. This year, over 188 certificates were presented to the young people in the project to honour the efforts and achievements in obtaining qualifications in accredited courses and taking part in identified progressive routes to further education. This event alone is noted to help boast young peoples confidence and self-esteem levels and has been welcomed by parents and the community.

Issue–Based Group Work

The greatest impact that we have is providing issue based workshops based on young peoples’ needs that encourage young people to make informed choices in order to promote healthier lifestyles, life long learning, inclusion and community safety whilst at the same time, tackling the problems of poverty and anti-social behaviour.

Focus Youth Project Extension

The Focus Youth Project extension was officially opened by Councillor James McCabe J.P Leader of North Lanarkshire Council on 26th November 2004. In line with the current provisions on offer, the new extension will allow the Project to provide the following services:

Enhancing Youth Services – The extension will enable us to increase our existing membership in an area with 1500 young people as potential clients. This extension will help us to further enhance our current youth provision by offering additional places to young people, giving them the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational, recreational and social activities.

Learning Facility – This will enable us to develop our day time program by providing a range of educational and personal development opportunities for the wider community increasing there confidence, improving there skills and promoting healthy life styles. The courses provided will be flexible and at the individual’s own pace.

Residential Base for Youth Exchanges – the residential base will enable the project to host youth exchanges throughout the summer increasing the number of young people participating in this unique opportunity allowing them to experience life and culture of another country from Europe.