Focus Elite

We are the Focus Elite youth group, we are the oldest boys group who meet in the Project on a Monday night. We all met at the summer youth scheme and really enjoyed our time here. We really enjoy using the gym facility and like competing to see who is the fittest.

See our current Programme below-

Here are some photos from our current programme below:

Please view our previous programme below:

Here are some thoughts from our group members on in-house activities:
“It was very fun”, “I quite enjoyed the muga, I liked playing with my friends”, “football is very good for our friendships”.
This is what we thought of our trip:
“It was very fun I enjoyed”, “I enjoy it, it was good”
This is what we thought about our issue based:
“It’s really good learning”, “It’s very educational, I learnt good information”, “I thought they were helpful”, “I thought they were impactful”, “I thought they were good and learnt valuable information”

Here are some photos from our previous programme: