We are an all first year girls group that comes to the Project on a Thursday night. We are a fun and enjoyable group that loves to do karaoke, dancing and to cook all different foods.

For this program we chose a variety of different things we like to do. We started this program with a First Aid course where we learnt how to do CPR, bandage a wound or broken bone and how to take care of someone who falls unwell. Then we chose to do a fashion show where we created stylish new outfits from scrap fabrics and materials and we done a cat walk to show off our new outfits. We enjoy to play board games and games on the computers so we organised some time to play these different games like cards, twister and roblox. We picked to do some baking of Halloween cupcakes which we loved making and decorating. To raise funds for our group we chose to do a sponsor silence. In this program we also done a treasure hunt where we went looking for sweets around the building and we also done a karaoke night where we sang songs by Olivia Rodrigo and many others. For our movie night we watched Shrek which we loved and we dressed up in our PJs and ordered some food in to the project. For our trip this program we changed our trip to bowling as go karting was full. We really enjoyed bowling and getting to play on the arcades. For our last night we made some snow globes and had a beauty night where we done each other makeup and hair. For our issue based workshop we decided to discuss the effects of drugs and alcohol and the pros and cons to taking these substances. We learnt a lot during this workshop including the different types of drugs and alcohol and there short term and long term effetcs. We really enjoyed our program and look forward to come back after Christmas.

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