Junior Focus Committee.

The Junior Focus Committee (J.F.C.) is made up of representatives from the groups within the project. 

This committee enables the members of the project to have an input on the running of the project and provides them with the opportunity to feed back anything that their fellow group members have raised.

The J.F.C. have undergone peer led committee skills training each year, where new members are trained on the skills required to be a member of the committee, for example communication skills, chairperson, secretary and treasurer roles and also the responsibilities of being a member etc.

The committee have also been involved in fundraising activities such as running Christmas craft fayres, Bucket Collecting and Bag packing. 

The JFC recently took part in team building activities as the committee has new members and structure has changed. They decided to have an hour of in-house training and then went to an escape room in Glasgow. (see below for pictures) 😊

Date of next meeting 

30th October 2023 @5pm